Re-Purpose The Baffling New Into The Tried-And-True Old

Oooowee, my first time uploading video to YouTube evar.  Of course it’s of the cat, duh.

This is what Riley’s cat toy originally looked like, but he never played with it this way, he just watched it, occasionally batted at the bottom, and was baffled by the noise and clattering if he tried to grab the string. As he’s declawed, perhaps he just didn’t feel like he was getting anywhere since he could never grab the string at all.

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Fling-ama-String cat toy mechanizes feline torture – Boing Boing Gadgets
Fling-A-Ma-String Cat Toy

The “Fling-ama-String” cat toy may be inelegantly named, but its every motion provokes delight. I now realize it is possible to create an entire room of cat attention-torture devices, jittering feathers actuated by motors, mousey puffballs racing around a room on tiny tracks.

And this is what a re-purposed cat toy looks like that really works: remove string, tie to stick from worn-out Boingy Thing.

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