XML-RPC errors in WordPress from ScribeFire

What’s New in ScribeFire 3.0.1? – ScribeFire: Fire up your blogging

The following changes were made to ScribeFire between versions 3.0 and 3.0.1.
Bug Fixes

* Added detection of disabled XML-RPC in WordPress.

This should fix many of the “Invalid username/password” errors users have been experiencing.
* Fixed bug that causing ScribeFire to ignore line-breaks in preview mode
* Fixed bug when managing ads in tab or window mode
* Fixed bug with editor background in certain themes
* Fixed bug with incorrect earnings amount
* Updated ScribeFire to show a “What’s New in this version” page after upgrading instead of just ScribeFire.com

Time for a test post: the errors I’ve been having are to do with formatting being stripped from around images and links. ALL the angle brackets get stripped if posting via method other than directly via the WP editor.

Here’s what my husband David posted earlier, let’s see if the angle brackets get stripped.

O hai I delvrd ur groshrees! No cat treats, sry.

This is a photo of Riley during his “I has a bag” phase.” It has some simple stylng added via a CSS class called floatleft

I noticed that the way ScribeFire was adding Technorati Tags before, it was adding a lot of crappy looking cruft that I just had to delete with the angle bracket error, so no tags this time.

UPDATE:Fail Chicken strikes again!

All angle brackets were stripped, not just some of them. So all the HTML is unbracketed, like DIV, A HREF, IMG, BLOCKQUOTE and so on. My husband David has logged an issue with WP, and I wonder if I won’t file one with ScribeFire, too. What fun.

UPDATE: Yep, they did get stripped, I had to go back in and fix them manually. Still broken, it appears to be a PHP bug, and the fix is currently “recompile,” which with my husband David’s setup is not really an option. Here’s his post, and here’s ticket number 7771 on WordPress’ Trac page. No action in two weeks.

UPDATE 27NOV08: My husband David solved the problem, at least temporarily, until there is a fix for the bug and describes how he did it here. It probably only really works for our particular setup.

UPDATE 14JAN09: A commenter at David’s blog noted that there’s a workaround patch today.

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6 thoughts on “XML-RPC errors in WordPress from ScribeFire

  1. Do you have any update on that? Maybe you were able to find the solution how to fix it? i have the same problem too! I hate it, aghrhrhrrrr

  2. See David’s solution via the link, which is a temporary one. My blog is now on its own server so that a different version of Fedora could be used. He’s in contact with someone from the WordPress team about setting up a testing environment to implement a permanent fix for everyone.

  3. The link to your husband’s solution isn’t showing up. It’s being shown as “http:///” and that’s it. I’m gonna keep looking for it but I figured you might want to know.

  4. Well I just found his “solution” which isn’t remotely a solution or option for me….so I keep looking.

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