Botox: Freedom FROM Expressions!


The story on this image: David and I were doing something we rarely do – watching TV more or less “live”, and even more unusually, we were watching a network show and not bothering to zip through the commercials. This one came on for a product called Botox Cosmetic — with the tagline “it’s all about freedom of expression!” We had to pause the TiVo just to laugh. Apparently, the makers are quite proud of their product and address the troubling question of “Will I be able to make facial expressions after using Botox-Cosmetic?”

Yeah, right. Aaaaanyway.

My husband David said “there is something so wrong about a product ad that says “toxin.” I said “I thought botox gave you freedom FROM expressions.” As we looked at each other, we both made the same facial expression… the “I’m so blogging this” expression.
We both dove for a blogging appliance.

Mine got posted first but got mangled in the process. David’s was more polished but lacked the visual impact. You decide.

UPDATE:GRRR! Something about the WordPress 2.6.2 is causing WP to strip all the angle brackets, at least from posts that come in via the “Blog This Photo/Moblog” template from Flickr. And of course, my beloved drop shadows depend on the wrapped divs to make my lame photos all shiny. This behavior is similar to something WP used to do a long time ago – it would transform the angle brackets into character entities.

David thinks there should be a bugfix for this out there somewhere. In the meantime, in order to “moblog” I’ll have to do it direct from the iPhone. And as those posts tend to have unique CSS identifiers on the images, it should be possible to add a little border/white frame styling so the images are not all nekkid. I’d been meaning to get around to that anyway. For now, I have to “fix it in post.”


I can has iPhone?
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