Angola Pressures Zimbabwe on Arms – New York Times

Thank God, this seems to be confirmed. It’s so weird reading about these details in blog comments before the mainstream news picks it up. Although it can backfire – an air transport company was getting tons of activist mail, and they got pretty irritated about it and tracked down at least one activist blog to complain. Basiccally, they were saying “call your people off, we’re not transporting the arms” OWTTE

Angola Pressures Zimbabwe on Arms – New York Times

Nelson Chamisa, a spokesman for the opposition, welcomed the news that Angola had refused the Zimbabwe shipment, saying, “Mugabe is finally being routed by his own set.”

The announcement about the ship, which was posted Saturday on Angola’s official news Web site, was displayed in a way sure to enrage Mr. Mugabe. The article was placed immediately beside a photograph of Angola’s president, José Eduardo dos Santos, warmly shaking hands with Jendayi E. Frazer, America’s top diplomat for Africa.

On Thursday, Ms. Frazer declared that Mr. Tsvangirai had beaten Mr. Mugabe, perhaps by an outright majority. Her statement was denounced by Zimbabwe’s Justice Minister as proof of “the Western axis” behind what he called illegal efforts to topple Mr. Mugabe, according to Zimbabwe’s state-owned newspaper.

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