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Yes, it’s that time again, pioneers – yes, today we mine the search phrase log for some more Blogon Poetry. And this month, in honor of Valentine’s Day, it’s all about the luuuuuuuuuuuurve.

can you spell viagra?
sexy toenails and pictures 2004.

piercings albert padlock,
master slave restaurant plug wet…
peekaboo bug holly hack,
samuel pepys naughty bits.

fried chocolate new york
alton brown orlando bloom.

real redheads with green eyes,
redheads with braids;
avoiding negative people —
aol bad stuff.

Okay, that probably caused only a few people to bleed from their eyes and ears, now let’s have some seasonal poetry in honor of Winter:

how to check a float in snowblower for leaks:
amazing snowthrower picture road,
tubing winter funny pictures.

frozen laptop cold winter…
frost line albany new york pipes frozen.

Any brains exploded yet? No? Well, let’s crack on with a little number I like to call


my-doom apologise cancel
einstein grimace photo

Right, there’s still a few poetry fans still twitching, so we’ll finish them off with this months’ stanza of the epic poem, “Childe Thomas a Crapper”
(caution, adult content)

plumbing toilet tank water running ghost flush,

shit in a bath.

plumber pipe inflow —

camp swampy in 1968

And that’s about it. I couldn’t come up with a viable poem for the fragment

things about maui that suck
because there is very little material out there on this topic.

In fact, the only things about maui that suck are that 1) we are not there and B) it’s winter here.

Only 4 more days to procrastinate buying your loved one a nice gift maybe chocolates or roses? Yes? Procrastinate away, pioneers!

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