Anyone Need A Lift In The Expanse?

G+: Anyone Need A Lift In The Expanse?

These 3D .OBJ files are downloadable – and with a little work in Blender, they could be realized in Second Life as "full size" ships. Someone with better Blender skills than I currently have would have to do it, but that spacesuit… I might play around with rigging it. It's a CC-attribution license.

Originally shared by +Jordan Schnaidt

Anyone have a 3D printer to build some of these? I want a Roci!

Syfy’s Thingiverse Profile
Syfy – and its emerging technologies division, Syfy Labs – is a 24/7 cable network that is the destination for all things science fiction and fantasy. Offered exclusively here at Thingverse are 3D, printable models of characters, locations, ships, logos and more from our programming.

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