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Maybe it’s time I dump the rather annoying and complex-to-set-up plugin I’ve been using to push content and posts to Facebook (and Twitter). The plugin’s own developer said in a support forum post 7 months ago that it should probably be deactivated and uninstalled. I went looking for answers because I’ve recently been getting a ton of “random Facebook comment spam” that I suspect is being pulled in to my blog via false positives from Facebook’s own parser.

Tricky, as if the plugin he recommends doesn’t work for fan pages, I’m screwed. I administer several different accounts (including a church website and Facebook page) that depend on SFC. Must test.

Honestly, I’m surprised it still works at all. I recommend no longer using the SFC plugin. Deactivate and uninstall it. The sharing functionality that was in SFC is better done using the Publicize functions in Jetpack. It can do everything SFC could in that respect, and it’s much easier to use.

Source: WordPress › Support » Can’t Override Default Image

UPDATE: In retrospect, since there are complications galore using the plugin Otto recommends, I opted to just turn off the “Facebook comments to blog” feature and will watch to see if the random Facebook comments still come in.

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