So Confused

Why isn't Ted Cruz a Cuban the way Obama is a Kenyan? Is Canada the 51st state, right after Hawaii?

The birthers really need to get their story straight. Also, the Supreme Court better define "natural-born" already.

Is Ted Cruz Allowed To Run Since He Was Born In Canada?
Texas Sen. Ted Cruz became the first major candidate to declare for president, but some question whether he’s eligible since he was born in Canada. Legal scholars, though, believe he can.

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3 thoughts on “So Confused

  1. +Ginny Gibbs I think this question was settled a long time ago. The left has nobody willing to look as stupid as the birther loonies (see above), so nobody is likely to claim Cruz is not the child of an American citizen and therefore a natural born citizen himself. If there were lefty birthers, they'd have come out when Panama-born John McCain was running.

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