Moderation Management: is it possible or not?

It's an interesting concept, but I'm afraid that some might not be able the concept of "moderate" drinking.

The next AA? Welcome to Moderation Management, where abstinence from alcohol isn’t the answer
There are myriad reasons people fall into addiction, so it makes sense that there might be more than one way out of excessive drinking

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2 thoughts on “Moderation Management: is it possible or not?

  1. Very interesting. I especially like how it reiterates that it isn't for everyone, that it isn't quick and easy, and that it's more guide than program. I know at least 2 people in my life that may benefit from knowing about this. And finally, it gives me something to ponder regarding SL/game/internet addiction.

  2. I thought it was interesting too, and that's a great point about SL and other online addictions. It could work, but it would have to be the right kind of mindset to work well.

    I was actually thinking of a local friend who a year ago was very open about admitting he had a drinking problem, and he was doing well on the AA-style total abstinence track. But then he started making offhand remarks and jokes about drinking, where he seemed to have come around to the "I can handle a drink now and then again" POV. Cue a progression of unfortunate events that he's just getting over after 3 months, and I still don't think he's back on track.

    I don't think this MM thing would work for him, based on events in the last 8 months or so.

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