Quran Burning: Protest By Tossing Bibles On The Pile?

Just pondering what “Pastor” “Doctor” Terry Jones would do if shortly before he lights off his pile of Qurans, protestors tossed Bibles or pocket New Testaments on it to protect their fellow sacred texts? Jones would have to stop to gather them up. Repeat as needed.

For best effect, the people tossing Bibles on the pile would need to be Christians, or even clergy in vestments. All different kinds.

I’m not suggesting anyone of another faith throw their sacred text on the pile, just imagining how it might play out if it did.

I hope that Jones backs down, and I hope he doesn’t gain by this disgusting (and unoriginal) publicity stunt.

On the other hand the judicious application of a firehose aimed at his center of gravity would add needed comic relief (“We meant to aim at the ignition source in his hand but struggled to control the stream at first”).

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2 thoughts on “Quran Burning: Protest By Tossing Bibles On The Pile?

  1. While the press will all be invited, I’m sure Rev Jones will be quick to kick off private property anyone who is showing him up as a showman.

    Plus, the perpetrators of such a clever gag would have to be careful, lest Rev Jones be one of those “Only Translation X is the True Word Straight from the Lips of the Evidently-English-Speaking God” types. KJVs would probably be safest, but you never can tell.

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