WWDTM: Listening intently for angry knitters

Today’s episode of Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me! was previewed by @WBEZ as one where a bunch of people had their knitting needles out for Mo Rocca, right in the front row. It may be possible to hear the clicking as they knit (not all that angrily, really). Chicago Public Radio Blog » Backstage Buzz at Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me! | News and Notes from WBEZ

A couple of weeks ago, Mo Rocca made an off-hand comment that handmade sweaters were “itchy.” A fairly innocuous thing to say one would think.

Following the broadcast, Mo received tons of angry emails from a nationwide group of knitters. Yes. Knitters. People who knit. And they were smoking mad.

The first attempt at assuaging the burbling rage of the yarn spinners was a phone-in apology by Mo during a broadcast. Apparently, it was not enough. The bruised egos of those who crochet would not be salved by a mere apology. There had to be face-to-face confrontation.

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