Blago Running Late For His Own Impeachment

The embattled and embarrasing Guv is making his way to Springfield. He left his house at 825am and was reportedly driving down, flying back. The House prosecutor arguing the case in the Illinois Senate begins his closing argument in a few minutes, at 10am.

Blago will not even be there for it.

How ballsy-rude is that?

If he’s really driving all the way and not flying, he’s already more than an hour late.

Here we go. Judge Fitzgerald will gavel the session to order after the invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance.

Resolutions being offered.

Chief Justice brings the Senate to order for the Impeachment Trubunal.

And we’re off.

UPDATE: Ellis’ closing argument was powerful, and ended with “The governor should be removed from office.” Dead silence.

Blago must have flown, as the Chief Justice remarked that he was in the building. Elvis!! Is in the Building!!

15 minute break; Ellis took only 45 minutes. Blago probably putting on clown makeup and herding a crowd of disabled children and seniors toward the Senate chambers.

Currently watching ABC7 video but listening to @WBEZ for commentary during down time. They speculate about transportation; the Guv did indeed fly down and will probably be in the air before deliberations begin.


Blago only talked 50 minutes, then shot out the door without bothering to sit at “his” table, which was helpfully pointed out by the chief justice. So he won’t hear Ellis’ rebuttal. As @WBEZ’s Ben Calhoun notes, “classic Blagojevich.”

They’re taking calls during the lunch break; first caller reminds us that state funded agencies aren’t getting bills paid because Blago couldn’t work with the Legislature.


Ellis’ rebuttal swiftly disposed of Blago’s points and noted that when the cameras are on, Blago is all about the people, but when they’re off, it’s all about him.

After an hourlong caucus now listening to statements from state senators, many of them pledging to fight the culture of corruption that Blago attempted to tar them all with.

Some of them are visibly upset as they speak; they’re embarrassed, outraged, and often refer back to their oath to protect the Constitution of the US and of Illinois. And they’re proud and humble, too. I’m not detecting a lot of BS yet; so far all have spoken well and credibly.

Other points raised: families have been hurt, trust has been lost, state aid and health programs unable to pay bills, care providers and small businesses waiting for payment.

It’s going to happen. Quinn is waiting in the wings.

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