Jet Airways: Cutting Back

Oh, boy. Jet Airways/9W is the partner carrier of American/AA in India, and we use them a lot for flights to cities beyond Delhi and Mumbai. A LOT, akshully. But then, our main client is probably cutting back on the expensive “send the entire team to that small city in India for 6 weeks of training at the remote facility” trips, anyway.

BBC NEWS | South Asia | Jet Airways lays off cabin crew

India’s largest private airline Jet Airways has laid off 800 employees as it cuts flights amid soaring costs.

The company said cabin crew hired for a planned expansion programme which had been suspended would lose their jobs.

Hundreds of members of staff gathered in the city of Mumbai Bombay to protest at the move.

UPDATE: As ***Dave notes below, the layoffs were rescinded. There’s a lot of internal conflict and political stuff going on, too.

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2 thoughts on “Jet Airways: Cutting Back

  1. I was in India whilst this was happening. Major front-page news — especially when the next day they were all rehired, with the CEO denying it was political pressure, just that management had made a bad decision while he was out of touch …

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