The Gifts of a Unicorn, and Life


Choirmistress Mary does a lot for us, and frequently pays out of pocket for new music and things she thinks we need in order to look and sound like a seasoned choir, and not a ragtag group that formed a little over a year ago. So one of our members found a Christmas ornament that mirrored a unicorn print that Mary has in her home and we presented it to her last night.

We also had a wonderful surprise from another choir member who’s been battling brain cancer; she got amazing news from her oncologist. Let’s not say “miracle” yet, but it’s thrillingly good news. I knew something was up when I saw her hop out of her husband’s truck and walk with a bounce in her step (and no cane) to the door. She’s kicking cancer’s ass

It was a really, really good practice last night. We’ll be working on some challenging music over the summer, but also we’ll do a couple of things during the “slow” season of single services and twice-monthly practices instead of weekly practices. We’re working on a Hebrew piece called “Oseh Shalom” that we’ll segue into “Let There Be Peace On Earth” for a service sometime in July with a peace and justice theme.

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