$3.31 Gas at Marathon


Okay, here’s my lovely nearby Marathon station. I do love how picturesque and scenic my suburban neighborhood is… but I took this picture to capture the novelty of gas prices less than $3.45, which is what it was at the big Mobil on Roselle. I couldn’t even get into the little Mobil on Roselle… (why are they only 2 blocks apart?).

I’ve pledged not to trade with Mobil anymore, since they’re so bound to screw up the planet for their own profit, and they’re not very big on human rights. I will confess that I’ve slipped a few times because the RFID key fob thing is so very convenient. But even though the Marathon pumps are really, REALLY annoying (they require a zip code to be tapped in now, and they would not accept the new zip code for our area) I may go back more often, because it’s hard to pass up a bargain like a fourteen cent price difference. I think I saved a buck on the fill-up, and it’s morally and ethically a slightly more defensible position trading with Marathon.

I heard on NPR that truckers are staging some kind of slow-down on the highways in protest of high gasoline prices; a few minutes later on Marketplace, there was Slow Thinkin’ George being quoted that he’d veto the energy tax bill, because “it would only make gas prices higher.”

O, rly?

I can has iPhone?

Via: Flickr Title: 331matathon By: GinnyRED57
Originally uploaded: 1 Apr ’08, 6.30pm CDT PST

I can has iPhone?

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