Moar Chikins Comin Home 2 Roost, Plz

That earlier note about Fitzmas? This is a story that will keep on giving, as it wasn’t just screwy prosecutions in Alabama, it was Mississippi, Wisconsin, and probably lots and lots of other places… anywhere that state justice officials took calls from the White House, probably.

Not that it couldn’t happen in a Democratic-controlled state – I live in Illinois, and the recent trial of a former (Republican) governor generated a lot of controversy. But in tit-for-tat, the Republicans in the IL General Assembly are forever trying to get some dirt to stick on the current Democratic governor, Blagojevich.

The United States Attorneys Scandal Comes to Mississippi – New York Times

Paul Minor is the son of Bill Minor, a legendary Mississippi journalist and chronicler of the civil rights movement. He is also a wealthy trial lawyer and a mainstay of Mississippi’s embattled Democratic Party. Mr. Minor has contributed $500,000 to Democrats over the years, including more than $100,000 to John Edwards, a fellow trial lawyer. He fought hard to stop the Mississippi Supreme Court from being taken over by pro-business Republicans.Mr. Minor’s political activity may have cost him dearly. He is serving an 11-year sentence, convicted of a crime that does not look much like a crime at all. The case is one of several new ones coming to light that suggest that the department’s use of criminal prosecutions to help Republicans win elections may go farther than anyone realizes.

Oh, there is so much more tasty goodness in the Attorney General/White House/Department of Justice scandal yet to be savored. I can hardly wait -NOM NOM NOM


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