Wait! NO! I changed My Mind!

Can’t this guy see the writing on the wall?  Mitch McConnell says he’s done. That isn’t good enough?

Sen. Craig may reconsider resignation, spokesman says – CNN.com

Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Democrat from Nevada, returned from the Senate’s summer recess and made his first public comments on Craig’s sudden downfall.He suggested that Republican leaders judged Craig more harshly than they did Republican Sen. David Vitter, of Louisiana, who was recently linked to a heterosexual prostitution service.

“Everyone can see what they did with Vitter and what they did with Craig and draw their own conclusion,” Reid told CNN when asked if GOP leaders had employed a “double standard.”

McConnell disputed that notion, telling reporters there is a “substantial difference” between the Vitter matter, which took place before Vitter was in the Senate, and the Craig matter.

“The [Vitter] legal case was, in effect, over. And the only question was what was the attitude going to be of the Senate with regard to the admission that had been made,” said McConnell.

You bet there’s a double standard, and a substantial difference as well: Vitter’s scandal requires only one vas deferens. Craig’s required two.

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2 thoughts on “Wait! NO! I changed My Mind!

  1. Ack! Metaphor ruined beyond all repair unless it’s descibed as a “set” or “one person equipped with a…”

    Well, that was damn silly of me.

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