There Is No Deal Breaker For Trumpists

People support Trump because they project their own fears and hopes on him. Note that I use the clich̩ in reverse order Рthey are first motivated by fear, and hope is secondary.

NYT: No Deal Breaker For Trump VotersParson Hicks, A Trump Voter, Still Supports Him

Larry Laughlin, a retired businessman from a Minneapolis suburb, compares Mr. Trump to a high school senior who could “walk up to the table with the jocks and the cheerleaders and put them in their place.” That is something that the “nerds and the losers, whose dads are unemployed and moms are working in the cafeteria,” could never do. Mr. Trump may be rich, he said, but actually belonged at the nerd table.

“The guys who wouldn’t like me wouldn’t like Trump,” he said. “The guys who were condescending to him were condescending to me.

Mr Laughlin is literally projecting his own experiences (coming from the justifiable fear of being bullied) onto Trump. Yet in actuality, in high school (or the military academy he attended) Trump was a jock.! He had a reputation for being a jerk, too.

Ms Parson Hicks, quoted at the top of the article and pictured, lives in Boston. As a black woman, would she have felt safe attending yesterday’s huge anti-Nazi “free speech rally?” Yes, as long as she stayed in the huge crowd of counterprotesters, who were dancing, singing, and adopting baseball cheers.

Once she crossed beyond the line of weaponized tubas and trombonists and crossed to the Sad Rotunda of Lonely Sturmtroopers, though, she would have not been welcomed.

Source: A Deal Breaker for Trump’s Supporters? Nope. Not This Time, Either. – The New York Times

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