Lifehacker: Do You Like Working From Home? Me: Yes. Did IBrush My Hair Today? Don’t Remember

Lifehacker wants to know if I work from home, but they
apparently don’t want me to quote their article, just comment
there. So I did, but kept screwing up their sign-in screen. What’s
the deal with creating a key that can’t be copied, only shown on
screen as an image?

Anyway, yes, I like working from home. It was particularly nice today watching the latest winter storm blow in and dump about 5 inches of snow.


However, network problems made my day somewhat challenging, and as David was home today too, he had to listen to my howls of outrage from my
upstairs office. Still, it wasn’t as challenging as the co-worker
who had to replace her hard drive on her computer today, with tech
support on the phone walking her through it no doubt! Link: Do
You Work From Home?

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