Things Done, Things Left Undone for January 8 2013

Things Done

  • Tidied house with David for Wednesday’s cleaning ladies
  • Cleaned out a couple of boxes in basement and reorganized a bit
  • Repacked Christmas ornaments in a bigger tub (except for Mom’s figurines)
  • Hung out with friends online listening to music, because laughter is GOOD FOR YOU
  • Hugged my husband David because I love him very much
  • Did my oral care stuff
  • Listened to even more music, which makes me happeh
  • Collected more items for donation or disposal YAY
  • Tweeted to an astronaut, IN SPACE, about the song he recorded IN SPACE

Things Left Undone

  • Church website and Facebook page GAH
  • Clean, dust, vacuum office, UGH
  • Sort unused clothes and reorg closet
  • Exercise. Okay, danced a little to “NASA Johnson Style”

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