Remember The Mustard Seed


A friend of mine passed away last week, I got the word via email while we were still on the train journey from Montana to Illinois.

Father Paul T. Brouilette was a fine priest, a great preacher, and a terrific musician. He played guitar, and a mean banjo – he had a Pete Seeger model, complete with "this machine kills fascists" motto. He was also an avid runner before being diagnosed with liver disease almost 2 years ago. It’s been a long, slow fight, and we had some hope when he was approved for a transplant. But then the match was no good, and a risky procedure didn’t work.

I loved singing old rabble rousing folk songs and "Silent Night" on Christmas Eve (he played guitar with the choir). It will be an honor to sing him on his way Wednesday at his funeral Mass. He requested a choral service and a Mozart piece, "Ave Verum Corpus" and we’re making it happen, midweek schedule notwithstanding. It’s a piece that’s "in our bones," and I hope that Paul’s family finds it acceptable.

The Episcopal bishop of Chicago will preside at the Mass — only a few months ago he stood with Paul at Manny ‘s installation. Now he has to preside at a sadder celebration.

This has got to be hard on so many people, as Paul had been ill for so long. He fought, he struggled, and now "the race is o’er, the battle won. Alleluia."

Fortunately, I’ve gotten excused from work that morning; I’m so grateful to have such a supportive employer and team leader.

Fr. Paul used this humble bottle of mustard seeds to illustrate a favorite scripture he loved to preach from (this was probably a year or more ago).

The Parable of the Mustard Seed was one of Mom’s favorites, and mine, too.

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