The Over The Hill Militia: More deeply disturbing than funny

There is nothing remotely cute or endearing about 4 old guys gleefully plotting to kill hundreds or thousands of innocent people in Washington DC just to take down a little old thing we like to call the US Government, including the Executive Branch and most of Congress plus any other faceless bureaucrats.

Nothing defensible in some of their other activities, either.

I hope the undercover agents have been able to wash the stench off; the transcripts are appalling.

It’s easy for me to make a cheap joke about old-guy terrorists mixing up their batches of castor bean-derived ricin, but the things they want to do with the stuff make me want to throw up. How they can call themselves Americans is beyond me.

Federal authorities on Tuesday arrested four Georgia senior citizens for allegedly plotting to attack U.S. citizens and government officials with the deadly toxin ricin. Lets meet the players.

Link: Meet The Senior Citizen Militia Members Arrested In Georgia Bio Attack Plot | TPMMuckraker

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