Weekly Tweets 2011-09-11

  • Notice @RepJoeWalsh doesnt tweet the time, date, and location of his "small business forum" but never fails to tweet on-air appearances! #
  • My rep @RepJoeWalsh is an attention-seeking boor who never wastes an opportunity to grab attention. GOP block-and-blame strategy FAIL #p2 #
  • AUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHH!!! BING! Y U NO PLAY The Guild Episode 7???? #
  • My company lost some people on 9/11. Just now the lights were lowered for 2 minutes' silence. Quiet, but working. #BAU #
  • http://t.co/kBWnEjr #
  • "a small minority of know-nothing, born again, right-wing zealots" who're not just dead wrong, they’re absolutely certain they're right. #
  • I'm watching & chatting about #celebrityrehab – join the conversation at celebrityrehab.vh1.com #
  • Sorry for the autotweet, didn't know VH1's very annoying app would do that. #celebrityrehab @VH1: http://t.co/m8IUkYK #
  • Last tweet: VH1's repeating commercials are extremely annoying, too. #celebrityrehab @VH1: http://t.co/m8IUkYK #

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