Pro-Life Means… Pro Breast Cancer? Pro-STD? Anti-Contraception?

Heeding the call for JOBS, JOBS, JOBS, the repugnant Republican bullies vote to defund Planned Parenthood. Because we all need more UN-planned parenthood, more sexually transmitted diseases, more breast cancer going undetected, and more forced pregnancies.

Meanwhile, these same jerkwads will soon be voting to cut benefits for poor children – the babies must be birthed, but after that parents, and poor women who won’t have easy access to contraception, are on their own.

How do Republicans sleep at night, the hypocrites?

Thank GOD I had my tubes tied years ago. Young women, if it weren’t for the Democratic Senate standing in the way to prevent passage of this noxious bill, you would be facing an increasingly bleak future if you are currently sexually active.

Pence’s plan, which will likely stall in the Senate, would mean the end of federal support for an organization that each year provides more than 800,000 women with breast exams, more than 4 million Americans with testing and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, and 2.5 million people with contraception, which, not for nothing, is the stuff that prevents unintended pregnancy, and thus abortion, to begin with.

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