Weekly Tweets 2010-12-12

  • Return of the Steamboat Springs "noon whistle." Heard the original many times as a kid. http://is.gd/ieZLd #
  • OOooh! @glennbeck thinks progressives are scaaaaary! So does Coulter. Teddy Roosevelt was spooky, too. http://j.mp/fZTrms #ehrenreich #
  • Banned book week from 29SEP10: "Nickel and Dimed" restricted in Kansas until smart people intervened http://j.mp/hENM2s #Ehrenreich #
  • Ibid., NC lawmakers criticised UNC Chapel Hill as "anti-Christian" for picking #NickelandDimed for summer reading. #Ehrenreich #
  • And another ban request denied in PA last February @glennbeck late to the pile-on party? http://j.mp/hhmZrS #NickelandDimed #
  • LOL literally laughing out loud at the #Eureka holiday special. Santa Bogey! Even a leaping menorah in the title card. #bwah #
  • .@BrianA59 No, @StopBeck is the truthteller: Beck's fans hate "anti-Christian" schools, so Beck "cries" & cynically sells more books & gold. #
  • More Christmas fun (and Hanukkah too) in the Warehouse 13 titles now. Need hot chocolate STAT #
  • I was in my "quad" in Eugene listening to the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy on KWAX. Roommate knocked on the door to tell me. #Lennon #
  • First I finished listening to the show (HHG2G FTW), then I cried and tuned in KZEL. All #Lennon all week. DJ was in shock. #
  • 30 years later, I still cry when "Imagine" is on the radio or used in a TV show or movie. #Lennon #fb #
  • The awesome AARON SORKIN's weapons-grade smackdown of #Palin : In Her Defense, I'm Sure the Moose Had It Coming http://huff.to/e1K011 #
  • On my way home. Long day but laughter helped. #fb #
  • Funerals are not fun, but if they called them glumerals nobody would come. #fb #
  • I checked in at The Bank Restaurant & Bar (123 W Front St) on #Yelp http://bit.ly/edLkOl #
  • At @fallingrock 's company holiday party, the MC just had the entire group text someone. Sorry for crashing the cell tower, Wheaton! #
  • Inappropriate texting ensues. http://moby.to/cm57vl #

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