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Not that much to see yet, I’ve just installed a new video plugin called “Smart You Tube,” by Vladimir Prelovac, the designer of the WordPress theme I use, Amazing Grace. I need to make a note so that I remember to add the “v” to the URL so that it works correctly. If it DOES work, this will make it a lot easier and more fun to share videos here (especially via the iPhone, as this plugin is supposed to work with them).

To use the video in your posts, paste YouTube video URL with httpv:// (notice the ‘v’).

Important: The URL should just be copied into your post normally and the letter ‘v’ added, do not create a clickable link!

Example: httpv://

(Added: Substituted this vid of baby otter Sydney just stone cold being all cute. Because of the otter cutness.)

If you want to embed High/HD Quality video use httpvh:// instead (Video High Defintion).

(Added: Holy Moly! The farce is strong in this one.)
To embed playlists use httpvp:// (eg. httpvp://

Smart Youtube also supports migrated blogs from using

* httpv:// – regular video
* httpvh:// – high/HD quality
* httpvp:// – playlist
* – supported for blogs migrated from

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