Tsunami evacuation point Alanui Ke Ali’i school


Monitoring Pacific Tsunami warning system site, wave heights reported
at Easter Island only a couple feet, expected to reach Hilo about
1105am HST, it’s currently 640am HST.

Could have taken the time to pack everything and bring snacks, will be
a long day.

Cops are here at the school now, listening to Hawaii Public Radio for
news – announcer very calm and helpful.

For context, it was a Chilean eathquake in 1960 that caused a
devastating tsunami to hit Hilo, with terrible loss of life. This is
serious, because although the waves may only be 1-2 feet high in The
Galapagos or Easter Island, local topography can funnel waves to
higher amplitudes.

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Title: Tsunami evacuation point Alanui Ke Ali’i school
By: GinnyRED57
Originally uploaded: 27 Feb ’10, 10.47am CST PST

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