They Shoot Toilets, Don’t They?

If you live in Centerville, Utah, why yes. Yes, they do:

exploded toilet

Police say a man’s gun fell out of its holster while he pulled up his pants after using the bathroom at a Carl’s Jr. restaurant Tuesday. The gun fired when it hit the floor and shattered the commode.

Sure, hilarious. Man takes dump, holster in dropped trou has a fail, gun shoots crapper, and then you have water and poo and broken porcelain throne all over the floor.

This photo, by the way, is a great perspective shot, and I hope the photographer washed his hands and clothes after he got down on that floor to get it.

Meanwhile, gun sales all over the country are way, way up. So we can expect more dumbasses shooting themselves in the leg or shooting innocent bathroom fixtures because they haven’t quite figured out how to properly pack heat.

Via Man Shoots Toilet – Yahoo! News Photos

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