Oh Yes He Did: Bush’s Nostalgia for 9/11

President Bush delivered a speech at an international gathering in Peru earlier today, and waxed nostalgic about those warm and wonderful days immediately after 9/11, when the entire world was on our side and was ready to stand with us against a common threat.

Excuse me, I need to get rid of a load of bile now. Because this same brush-clearing faux cowboy diplomat worked reeeeal hard to screw up our reputation world wide, totally squandering the goodwill that we had gained, and also totally squandering our short-lived sense of national unity. Thousands of lives were lost before the war due to the Bush Administration’s near-criminal lack of interest in Bin Laden, who was indeed “poised to strike within U.S.” and did. And thousands of American lives have been lost, and untold numbers of Iraqi lives too, because this man bungled the first responsibility of the Presidency; he failed miserably at the job of keeping the country safe and secure.

Diplomatic Memo – President Looks Back in Goodbye From Peru – NYTimes.com

Mr. Bush engaged in an unusually sentimental look back over his presidency in a speech here on Saturday morning, beginning with the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks: “I remember the flag flying from every fire truck in Montreal, Canada. I remember children kneeling in silent prayer outside our embassy in Seoul. I remember baseball players in Japan observing moments of silence.” He continued: “The bonds of unity we felt then remain today, and they will always remain.”

The untold sentiment: he’s also longing for the days when he actually enjoyed a nearly 90% approval rating. I can’t believe he said this, but he did.

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