Quantum of Solace: Magnum of WTF?

‘Quantum of Solace’ stars Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, Mathieu Amalric, Olga Kurylenko — chicagotribune.com

Compared with “Casino Royale,” ” Quantum of Solace” is a disappointment. Craig anchors it, and Judi Dench’s M enjoys some fine, stern scenes, but director Marc Forster “Finding Neverland,” “Monster’s Ball,” “The Kite Runner” isn’t much of an action man. There’s plenty, but half the time it’s visually incoherent.

Yep, pretty much. The review goes on to compare the Bond action scenes with the “Jason Bourne” movies’ action scenes, from which they were clearly derived. Actually, a couple of the “gags” were just like ones in Bourne flicks (best example: the leap across a gap between two buildings, right into an open window) but weren’t shot or edited or even focused as well. The action on the screen in several sequences seems to shatter like the glass so liberally sprayed all over Bond and his opponents. And you can’t keep track of who/what/where, let alone when and why.

I liked selected sequences, everything LOOKS good, but the only thing holding the film together is Bond’s smoldering anger over the death of his girlfriend in the previous picture, Casino Royale.

The bad-guy’s organization was so secret, even M didn’t know about it. By the end of the movie, we didn’t know any more about it either, it was so badly laid out in the movie.

Basil? Calling Basil Exposition!

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