Presidential Seals

Over at Daily Kos: State of the Nation they’re having some fun with Presidential Seal imagery.

And that’s how I’m hoping things turn out. It’s looking good for at the moment. We’re over at Jill’s house getting ready to watch Colbert and Stewart, the best political analysts American society has yet produced.

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4 thoughts on “Presidential Seals

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  2. Of course I’m happy. I’m ecstactic: the smart young constitutional lawyer, Harvard Law-educated law professor, and former community organizer won. And his adorable daughters are getting a puppy. A PUPPY. What’s not to be ecstatic about? The cranky old guy with poor impulse control and a bad health record, and the crazy religious nutjob lady with the compulsive shopping problem, lunatic fringe supporters, and the poor grasp of geography lost.

    What’s not to be totally relieved about? We can has a competent leader of teh free wurld naow.

    I truly believe that God has already helped us all; not just the US, but “this fragile Earth, our island home.”

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