How Old Is Our Whirlpool Washer And Dryer? Old Enough for New

David reported a problem from the nether regions of the house, a frightening space where anarchy and chaos reign.

The agitator on the washer wasn’t agitating, much as an aging Yippie slows down, plants wine grapes and mellows out.  So we went looking online for help, and found several intriguing but daunting methods for fixing the washer. Even with the helpful step-by-step photos I found, it seemed a little beyond our maximum allowable levels of patience and frustration.

So then we wondered if it was worth running around trying to find the agitator/cam dog repair kit our diagnostics indicated, and we concluded that no, Socrates, it was not:

This page may help you find out the manufacturing date of your Whirlpool built appliance
You will need to write down the model number and letters from your model/serial tag.

The date code is in the letter on your model number.

Example model numbers:
UPDATE: Fixed formatting so you can see how to
determine your model year. Sorry for the delay!! You have to look at the letter that is the third-to-last character on the model number. The original website had this formatted in bold red, which a very stupid blogger girl who shall remain clueless (sigh…me) had omitted. On our own model number, the second-to-last letter is a T

Example model numbers:
LRS6233BW1= 1994
SF367PEYW1= 1992
LE6685XPW1= 1985
ET22PKXXW0= 1991
EV150CXKW0 = 1982

K = 1982 or 2001
L = 1983 or 2002
M = 1984 or 2003
P = 1985 or 2004
R = 1986 or 2005
S = 1987 or 2006
T = 1988 or 2007
V = 1989 or 2008
W = 1990 or 2009
X = 1991 or 2010
Y = 1992 or 2011
A = 1993 or 2012
B = 1994 or 2013
D = 1995 or 2014
E = 1996 or 2015
F = 1997 or 2016
G = 1998 or 2017
H = 1999 or 2018
J = 2000 or 2019

Whoops, T stands for “time for a new washer” (and dryer, as they’re a matched pair). Our washer was built in 1988, and is original to the house.

So we bought a fancy-schmancy new set at Sears that has all kinds of electronic buttons and a timer that tells you how long until the clothes are dry – it’s got a sensor that knows if they’re still damp or just right. Huzzah, etc. To be delivered tomorrow.  We bought the 5-year service contract, because you never know about these things.  They’re front loading Kenmores (built by Whirlpool) with a left-hand door on the washer, and a right hand door on the dryer, so transferring the clothes will be convenient. We did not opt for the fancy pedestals or the optional work surface for the top – we can actually make one from MDF/melamine shelving and LRF (little rubber feet).

UPDATE: Comments are now closed on this post, because I was still getting requests for service and repair tips. Meanwhile, the “new” Whirlpool/Kenmore set is still going strong (and I was shocked to discover that we’ve had them nearly 10 years.

Maybe I should blog about how we had to buy first a fridge and then a stove just before and after the Christmas 2016 holidays?

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37 thoughts on “How Old Is Our Whirlpool Washer And Dryer? Old Enough for New

  1. email me the answer:

    I have a Whirlpool washer Model number LLV7233AWO, Serial # CC2303224; How old is my washer?

  2. I have a Whirlpool dryer,
    Model # LET7646E2O (not sure if it’s 0 or O at the end)
    Serial # MF2801330

    I am looking for age of this dryer because I can’t find the receipt.
    Thank You

  3. Mark, if you see this, your answer is: A = 1993 or 2012

    Vickie, hope you see this, your answer is:
    E = 1996 or 2015

    So sorry to neglect answering.


  5. Wow. Well, turning off your caps lock would be a good start if you don’t want Internet meanies to mock you. I did the same thing my first time out, it’s kind of a rite of passage.

    Next, I’m not a washer repair person at all, I just quoted the other site. But you might be able to get it out if you put something sticky but not messy, like modeling clay, on a dowel and “fish” the handle out.

    If there’s any metal on it, you might be able to use a magnet. Otherwise, call a repair person via your local Yellow Pages and ask them (that could be an expensive repair call).

    Seriously, though, a 1983 washer is 25 years old. Is it really worth paying somebody to fix it?

  6. Thanks much, Dan – I think that for any major appliance over… fifteen years old, it’s probably time to replace it rather than try to repair it. That said, we made do with a new stove top when we sold our previous condo, because we were selling it pretty much “as is” and there was a blemish on the stove top. Fortunately, a local repair firm had the exact part in stock for that particular item, which was lucky as it was pretty outdated.

  7. It amazes me that this post STILL gets multiple hits per day. Welcome, readers! Hope this was helpful.

  8. Third to the last letter in the model number is a J, so it must be from 2000.

  9. I have had my washer for the last 10 years, I know it is old (its marigold in color). I am just wondering just how old it is. Its a great washer, its solid steel and the only thing I have ever replaced on it is a belt. Its a KENMORE, Model# 110.7204630, Serial#j21490574

  10. Ah, well, the instructions I found were for finding the age of a Whirlpool washer, sorry I can’t help you there.

    On a related note, the current washer and dryer are nearly two years old, yet I still think of them as “new.”

    Maybe I ought to do laundry more often. 😉

  11. Our Whirlpool washer and dryer were manufactured in 2004, but we bought new from appliance store in 2006, so that would make them 4 years old since that is the number of years in use….is that accurate?

  12. Well, if they were manufactured in 2004, they’re 6 years old – it doesn’t matter if they were bought new 2 years later if you’re talking about replacement parts… what matters is the model number and the year of manufacture, so you know you’re getting the right replacement part.

    Does that help?

  13. Wow…I have to totally disagree with most of the posts here. In my opinion those old washer/dryers were built like tanks (especially the old Whirlpools) and seldom break down. That’s why you see so many old ones! When they do break, it is usually a simple fix and can last indefinitely after that. The newer ones do NOT have anywhere near the same reliability.

    Replace it because it’s old? Why? The only logical reason to do this would be to get a more energy efficient front loader, but don’t forget to weigh the environmental cost of your old one ending up in a landfill.

    Better yet, donate it to me, I’ll fix it for a few bucks, and it will STILL be working when your new one starts breaking down 5 years from now.

  14. Back when I was looking up the kit for replacing the cam dog doowhanguses in the old washer, and had to know what model year we had, we were going to replace the parts and keep it running. After finding out what was actually involved, and knowing that a 20-year-old pair of appliances was likely to break down, buying new was the smart decision. The old parts were plastic and had worn out; it seemed inevitable that some other part would break or wear out.


  15. Actually, the cam dog kit is $11 and are made to wear on the Whirlpools if they are constantly overloaded, saves the transmission! It’s a really easy repair, 20 minutes and inly a socket to remove the nut…!!! Never throw away an old Whirlpool, they are the best toploaders and dryers EVER built! Usually the cam dogs, or a $25 pump will leak, and that’s a 15 minute repair.

  16. Well, it’s much too late, Mark, but thanks for the comment. I can’t believe how many hits this post STILL gets – every day, someone lands on this post. Hello! Try Mark’s suggestion if you think it’s worth your while, visitors!

    For us, it wasn’t worth our while, because with 20-year-old appliances, the chances were something more difficult and expensive to fix would wear out pretty soon, as I mentioned above.

  17. Mark, the Appliance date finder says yours was built in either ’72 or ’82. I’m not sure if they were still using “Harvest Gold” (that marigold color) in ’82.

    Now I want to agree with what Mark Bohk said. Our old Whirlpools are great. I am replacing them right now, but let me explain. The set we are replacing are 23 years old. We’ve had this set for 11 years and have only had to replace the tub seal (original problem, and why we got them so cheap) and the dryer tub rollers. Now the tub seal is leaking again and the outer shells are showing their age (rust, dents, scratches). So what are we replacing them with you might ask…A 9 year old Kenmore (Whirlpool) set :). I got a great deal in them. They’ve just been gone thru by a Whirlpool tech and have a warranty on them. He even gave me a quick tutorial on the updated direct drive system, which my 23yo set is belt drive.

    I didn’t want to get rid of my old Whirlpool set, but am happy now that we found an updated model with the same build quality. Peace!

  18. I have a Kenmore Press of some sort. Sure its very old. The model on it is 523630. Can someone Help me?

  19. Kenmore does not manufacture the appliances it sells. The washer/dryer we have is branded Kenmore but made by Whirlpool. The model number on the Kenmore model list tells you who made it.
    Secondly, if we added in the real cost of the manufacturing process, energy, materials, labor, tax and manufacturing assistance to the companies (local and state), etc. we would probably repair almost all older appliances. But we don’t and the concern about energy and water efficiency coupled with rebate incentives has trumped any complete economic cost analysis.
    My 2 cents.

  20. For those wishing to know the age of their appliances, this site is great –

    I have to agree about the older model Whirlpool W/D’s, they seem to be almost indestructible. I thought mine pair had bit the dust; dryer was overheating, washer leaked slightly every once in a while. I was getting very discouraged trying to find replacements that might be even half as reliable as my old workhorses, which had never needed a service call. Well, a handy friend was able to replace a thermostat in my dryer, which works like a charm again – I expect it to last me many more years. He also identified the source of the washer leak, apparently a minor issue that isn’t serious (won’t lead to a catastrophic failure.) While he wasn’t able to fix the source of the leak, it hasn’t leaked since he took it apart and cleaned everything. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, hoping for a few more years out of it, too.

  21. I have to agree with AJ and Mark. Back around 2000, I worked at a big box retailer in central Indiana. We were told via a memo from a certain manufacturer of rebranded washers and dryers that current life expectancy had been downfraded to 6 years in order to increase sales of new models.
    My 2 sets of washers and dryers are both right around 25 yrs old work every time, all the time. As an added bonus, the basins are huge, repair is easy, and parts are always available from bell parts (only needed them once). Don’t discount the use of steel for new “shiny” plastic, made in whoknowswhere junk. Also, your w&d is NOT a status symbol and likely resides in a basement or behind closed, bifold doors.

  22. I have a whirlpool washer Model#LA5300XSNO serial #C70311902 can you tell me how old it is? When it spins it makes a very LOUD noise.
    thank you

  23. So while reading the comments and the discussion of older models being better, mine was made in 2001, would this fall into the category of “older (better) models” or into the “newer 6-year life models”??

    Thanks in advance!

  24. My daughter has a matched pair of Whirlpool washer and dryer. The washer model is LSB6300PW. The dryer has no model number on the front that I can find. Can someone tell me what dryer model usually sold with washer model LSB6300PW? I emailed Whirlpool and I was told there was no way to find the answer.

  25. I can’t believe this post has 28 comments! It must be listed on a forum somewhere.

    Bryan, as long as a washer/dryer older than about 10 years still runs, it’s a keeper, if you’re willing to track down replacement parts that wear out (cam dogs, belts, and so on). We weren’t – and 3 years later, the washer/dryer we bought still feels “new.”

    Carrie, I think your 2001 might be old enough to qualify as “keep if it still runs.”

    Gerald, all I can tell you is that that the washer was built in either 1985 or 2004. You’ll probably have to eyeball it for a match… 😉

  26. Our Whirlpool dryer went kerfluie – and thanks to this site I know it was built (rock solid) in 1982 so after almost 30 years of service it is sad to see you go – not only because of your reliability, the likes of which I may not see again, but because it was my grandmother’s…

  27. I was given a nice washer and dryer. I would like to know how old it is? the model # for the washer is 20902 990. The serial # is CK 4512649. The dryer model # is LER6634BQ2. The dryer serial # is MD5202929. They are Whirlpool. I would appreciate any information. Thanks!

  28. Where can i sell my old washers and dryers i have 3 washers (Whrilpool/Kenmore) and 2 dryers (kenmore/Roper) they are all between 6 and 10 years old?


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  30. I have a Whirlpool model LG5761XSW0 dryer that I recently purchased used. The dryer is the same capacity as my old dryer but the door is much smaller making it much more difficult to load and unload. Can a front panel with larger door be purchased for this dryer? If so how much is the cost?

  31. So sorry I didn’t see this comment earlier, it was stuck in moderation. Unfortunately, you’ll have to contact the manufacturer, or perhaps a local appliance repair shop. I was surprised to find that a damaged gas range surface could be replaced by a repairman, the same may be true for a washer door!

  32. No idea. We replaced that washer and dryer several years ago, and now it’s time to close the comments on the weirdest yet most popular post on this blog.