What Is An Inculturated Liturgy?

I just received a bulletin in the mail for Holy Moly and St Nicholas – it’s the Advent newsletter, which is traditionally mailed out just before the beginning of the season by someone at St Nick’s. Something caught my eye, and I went looking for a definition.

At the outset, we are going to seek to develop two strong liturgies — a more mainstream one i n the tradition of Holy Innocents and a more inculturated one using the platform of the current St Nicholas liturgy.

Which of course, confuses me – there is no such word. Yet, the word “inculturated” appears in the titles of several books, mostly to do with theology, anthropology, and the like. As the person who wrote this item is a divinity student, I think I know where he picked up this word. Yet, it does not appear to be in the OED.

In the course of which, I found the Inculturated website.

So. I take it “a more inculturated” liturgy would be one infused with the unique character of the community? Or one that takes on new aspects?

Meanwhile, meetings have taken place, and the diocese is up to speed with our plans. They think we’re nuts for wanting to take our 8-ton altar with us (one lady insists it’s 88 tons, but if it were, it’d be in the basement), I think, but they say they are “intrigued” by the idea.

Man. We’re so worried about all our old bits of post-modern church tat. I’ll be glad when we get through the Season of Advent, which is going to be rather fraught. I skipped church on Sunday, a thing I shouldn’t have done, because I was just exhausted. Haven’t been sleeping much lately.

Sunday is the big visit by the Bishop at St Nicholas, and so I hope to take a lot of photos. I’m a bad girl, though, because I’ve skipped a bunch of choir practices and… maybe missed another one tonight.

I’m going to bed.

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