Library Thing: The Unsuggester and the Anti-Tolkien

Via Pazzo Blog » Blog Archive » Books you’ll never read:

Instead of suggesting books you might like to buy, based on what you've bought before, Library Thing has the Unsuggester – plug in a book you've read or you own, and it comes back with a list of books you probably would not want to read.

The Lord of the Rings (Collector's Edition)

So I plugged in one of my all-time favorite books…and found that apparently, Mary Higgins Clark is the Anti-Tolkien.


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2 thoughts on “Library Thing: The Unsuggester and the Anti-Tolkien

  1. Oh, him too, him too. Well snagged.

    Mervyn Peake. Ugh. Disgusting, the way he treated his characters, especially the wretched females.

    Strangely, it appeared to me at the Unsuggester that knitting and Ringfen don’t go together, but I bet a lot of serious costuming types – role-players and all – are into knitting.

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