The Non-Froufy Line At Starbuck’s

Overheard at the Starbuck’s today, while waiting for some much-needed “go juice” for my brain:

Man behind a long line of people ordering chai soy-milk frothy venti lattes:
“They should have a fast line for the people ordering non-froufy, plain black coffees.”

Women in line ahead of me: “But we want our froufy drinks – do you want to cut ahead?”
Man: “No, I’ve got plenty of time before my flight, I just wish I could walk up, get my coffee, and go.”
Me, after some reflection: “But that would mean I’d have to stand in two lines, because my husband wants non-froufy plain black coffee, but I want all the froufy stuff.”
Man: “Yeah, for you my system wouldn’t work too well.”

We all got to the head of the line and sure enough, the lady ahead of me ordered the chai venti latte with extra foam. Me, I ordered a coffee for David, and a venti latte for me, and two blueberry scones. The guy behind me gave his order:

Man: “I’ll have a venti black coffee, half decaf and half regular, and I’ve already got my lucky coffee sleeve, I don’t need another one.”
Me: Oh, now you’re changing the rules. That’s a lot of customization for a supposedly non-froufy coffee order!”
Man, sheepishly: “Yeah, you got me there. But if I had a fully caffeinated venti I’d get the shakes, and I’m reusing my lucky sleeve for the environment. It’s more than a year old now.”
Me: “Well, that’s all right then, good for you. Enjoy your somewhat froufy black coffee.”

Just one of those silly conversations between strangers. That’s all.

And now I’ll enjoy my deliciously froufy latte. Mmmmmmm!!!! 😉

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