Night And Day: The Sir Spendrick Hogsbottom Experience

My blogchum Bill recorded this little gem under the heading “Outsider” and “Art.”

Like, WAY “outsider” “art”

I particularly like the meowing part.


Music is not safe for work, unless your company policy does not prevent you from spitting coffee through your nose. Do not listen to this music while operating heavy machinery. Do not listen to this music while pregnant. Do not attempt to become pregnant while listening to this music.

Good job, Bill! Well done! You’ve inspired me to do something regrettable and embarassing with music, too! Maybe we could encourage everyone to perform “Night and Day” with sundry animal noises and random sound effects!

The Cornjob Memorial Library: Sir Spendrick Hogsbottom presents “Night and Day”

I am SO putting this on my iPod when I get home. Oh, hey… that doodad…must do that later, too.

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3 thoughts on “Night And Day: The Sir Spendrick Hogsbottom Experience

  1. I would prefer to encourage people to broaden their interpretations to any of the songs written by Cole Porter. He’s da bomb!!

    And thank you for the kind, kind words!

  2. Actually, I was thinking of exploring the songbook of the great Johnny Mercer. There’s a lot of good stuff to tackle there.

    Also, it’s just as good for a meow-along as anything Cole Porter wrote.

  3. I recommend “Early Autumn” or “Midnight Sun”, myself. The Johnny Mercer Song Book is one of my favorite Ella Fitzgerald albums.

    Noel Coward is a personal favorite of mine, too.

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