Highlander…3 More Times?

Highlander: The Source, envisioned as the first of three new films in the popular supernatural franchise, will shoot in Lithuania starting in October, according to an announcement by Davis-Panzer Productions, Sequence Films and Grosvenor Park. Brett Leonard (Lawnmower Man) will direct, with Adrian Paul playing the immortal Scottish swordsman Duncan MacLeod.

Okay, I’m a Highlander fan. I own three (3) little tchotchkes shaped like the famous dragon-head katana: a necklace, a pen, and a rather cool if I do say so letter opener. I’ve blogged before about my HL fan-past. And the word among fans has been going around about this next movie for a while, so this news is not news to me.

And my gut reaction: is an almighty “meh.” I’m just not sure we need to watch this franchise die a slow and painful death (repeatedly, if the 3-movie deal is real).

Yes, I’ll see it, just out of curiousity, but I’ve got a bad feeling about it. My husband David will probably have to be lured with promises of being hand-fed Twizzlers during the show, and at least one damn fine beer at Brass brewpub after.

Although… well, Lawnmower Man was a pretty cool movie, with one pretty cool quote: “I am God here.” David uses that line every time he has to do something moderatorish on one of his mailing lists. So we’ll see how the new guy does with the canon.

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2 thoughts on “Highlander…3 More Times?

  1. Okay, I’ll drive, so that’s at least two damn fine beers for you, my dear. 😈

    If only we lived a bit closer and could ride our bikes… that would be 4 damn fine beers between us.

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