The Gays Win

Chicago Tribune | ‘Welcome to the Neighborhood’: Roll out the unwelcome wagon

Another judge, speaking of the black family, discovers “what nice, pleasant and even well-versed people they are.”

Not nice enough, however, to actually win the house. After rejecting the Koreans (too foreign), the witches (too scary), the stripper (too controversial), the tattoo aficionados (too weird-looking) and the Hispanics (too loud), the judging families are left with two finalists: the black family and the gay family.

To help make the decision, the judges decide to visit the existing homes of the two finalists. The house where the black family lives turns out to be kind of careworn and messy; the house where the gays live is immaculate and furnished like something out of Architectural Digest.

The gays win.

Oh, delicious irony. Now, can they get married and have the reception in the backyard like everybody else? 😉

It’s a show you’ll probably never see, but one Chicago Tribune senior correspondent got a scoop on the biggest no-show reality show of the season: he and his multi-racial family live in the neighborhood where controversial and already cancelled “Welcome to the Neighborhood” was filmed.

The show will probably never air because the premise violates all kinds of fair-housing guidelines, and the network decided to pull it after it engendered a firestorm of criticism and protests.

Still, I’d like to see it show up on some late-night cable channel and decide if the “judges” in the show (3 white, Christian, well-off families) should be judged themselves.

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