Chronic Flickritis

A while back, everybody was talking about Flickr, this great new photo sharing and social networking site.

Well, it takes me a while to get around to doing what everybody else is doing, because I want to see first if it’s indespensable or not.

Turns out it’s not only indespensable, it’s like a virus – and I’ve got the bug bad.

It’s fun to play with, easy to use, and very cool when you stumble onto an interesting group of photos and realize “Hey, I took a picture that would look good here.

So far, I’ve joined a few groups that specialize in photos of specific places, a group pool tied to a news event, and a couple of random groups like “Beer” and “Flowers.” Now I’ve just found a group that’s about “art made by animals, or something destroyed by animals.” So I made my husband David find a better picture on his hard drive of the damage caused by the squirrel that attempted to set up housekeeping in the Holy Moly organ. And I suppose now I’ve completely succumbed to Flickritis.

My pictures and my favorites (pictures taken by other people that I think are great) are at

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