A Walk At Alki, New Arrivals, A Pink Door, And More

We ended today with a boat trip out to Blake Island’s Tillicum Village for the afternoon salmon bake and cultural show, and by then I was taking photos with the big Canon, not my iPhone. But we did a lot of Touron stuff in the morning and yesterday too, including:

Bought a glass thingy from The Glasshouse Studio. They’re shipping it so we don’t have to worry about lugging it.

Lunch at the Pink Door after exploring the Public Market, which always tickles me. It’s fun introducing new people to it – once you find it again. Here’s Shel and Linda relaxing after a fun morning.

Cranes and ethereal dusk lighting the Seattle core – we were once more navigating the very confusing construction zone around the south end of Lake Union. This is yesterday evening after dinner.

CRAAAAAAB and other good stuff at Anthony’s Home Port, with David, Shel, Linda, and my friend Jean. We laughed and talked all through happy hour.

Lunch at the Alki Cafe, watching people in quad-pedal bikes go by.

Alki Beach. Farther back there was a girls’ beach volleyball tournament.

An arty house. My Twitter chum Stan thought it looked Japanese, but under all the landscaping and container plants and custom roof tiles it looks like it was originally a Swiss-style chalet. There are still a few funky little beach houses, but there are a lot more tall, yet skinny condos.

Yoga seems to be everywhere in Seartle now, we passed several studios in the Pioneer Square area the first day, and here’s somebody on their own personal sandbar on Sunday morning.

Looking back towards Seattle along Alki Beach.

Another Alki art house; seems this person works mostly with blue glass, shell, and bits of found treasure.

We pulled up next to this eye-catching sculpture when we drove over to Alki to walk, get some good views, and kill some time before picking up Shel and Linda at Sea-Tac.

It’s been a great few days. Tomorrow, nothing planned in the morning, but we’re meeting my friend Christine for lunch in Bainbridge (walking on the ferry). The hotel has a shuttle that can drop us close to the ferry terminal, so we don’t have to deal with the car. We drove to the Argosy slip tonight for the Tillicum day cruise because I wasn’t sure about walking distance (especially on the return in the evening). Early night, because something about the walking and the sea air is just so relaxing. And even more of that tomorrow.

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