Triumph Of The Reality-Based Community Against The Forces Of Darth Rove And Emperor Adelson

I’m really, really satisfied with the election results. Thank God for Nate Silver, or thank probabilities, anyway. He kept me sane all evening when the electoral count had Romney up until California and the rest of the West Coast reported in with a WHAM! BOO-YAH! and put the electoral total over 200 in the blue column. As almost every “battleground” state smoothly went blue except for North Carolina and stubborn Florida, it looked better and better still.

First, remember Rove famously dismissed reality as not really fitting in with his plans:

Back in the days of the Bush Administration, the NY Times reported  on an exchange with a Bush Aide, who dismissed the reporter as a member of the “reality based community” and told him, “we create our own reality.”

Yeah, not so much. In this election, Republican pundits were adamant  they were going to win by a landslide.  It wasn’t just spin.  They really, really believed it.

Back in 2008, a few days before the election, I amused myself with a little reality-based schtick. MONTHS before that, the outcome was pretty clear (even though Sarah Palin didn’t join McFail’s team until August. And now I’m amusing myself again, because here we are, with Obama’s second term a done deal. I’m looking forward to Reality-Based Lifeforms’ Liberation Day 2013

Enjoy a hearty laugh as you peruse the great T-shirt deals to be had under that date heading – it’s the end of an error, apparently! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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