Colorado RNC Delegates: 8 To Abstain But Stick Around For The Breakfast Special

New category: quick news updates on my lunch breaks.

This caught my eye earlier, and I think you should know I’m very disappointed. Disapointed! That there might not be a nice, juicy floor fight.

Although former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has the GOP nomination for president sewn up, a number of Colorado delegates to the RNC in Tampa plan to abstain rather than cast a vote for him in the official roll call Tuesday. Six delegates who back Rep. Ron Paul of Texas — along with two who had pledged support to former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania before he dropped out of the race and released his delegates — formally announced their intentions at a delegation breakfast Monday to withhold their votes from Romney.

In another development at the breakfast, a Colorado delegate asked fellow Republicans to get behind a brewing protest over proposed changes to party rules. The dispute could gum up Tuesday morning’s convention proceedings, although party officials suggested it would likely be resolved before blossoming into a floor fight.

via Storms, Disputes Threaten To Rain On RNC | KUNC

One thing I’ve always wondered – why is it that conservatives always get so worked up by “red meat” statements that appeal to the lizard hindbrain? Oh, wait, I just answered my own question. Never mind.

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