The View From My Office


It’s a nice day today. David’s off today so he left to do a long bike ride with our friend Steve.

It’s pretty steady today — calls coming in, stuff to do. Working from home is pretty awesome, and a lot less stressful. My morning commute involves cat activity and blackberry jam now… this morning I got up late, wandered into my office in my “Bear Loves Moose” nightshirt, and booted up. Ready to take a call…

Hah, no. I’m in the habit of dressing, brushing teeth, brushing hair, and putting on my orthotic sneakers, because I’ve found that running around barefoot all day makes my feet and knees hurt.

Maybe I’ll play around with the home fitness amenities box David got for his Tour de Cure ride, it’s got all kinds of stuff in it.

Break almost over, more later.

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