Spotted A 800-Got-Junk Truck, Wonder If AETVs #Hoarders Were In My Area?

My current favorite show is AEtv’s Hoarders, and fans of that series always cheer when the 1-800-Got-Junk? trucks show up, because that means the horror show is about to start (but also some hard physical and pychological work will be done).

I spotted one of their trucks over by Arlington Park; wonder if the village hired them. NO mention in the article of the show, but I heard on the fan grapevine that the show will feature someone from the Chicago area next week.

Besides guns, the strangest thing inside John Wuerffel’s house was a partially-decayed cat, said Schaumburg officials helping on Wednesday to clean out the cluttered home.

via Wuerffel back home after arrest — Schaumburg news, photos and events —

Uh, oh! SAILCAT!

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