The Day After, And Guess What Else Is On The Agenda?

Abortion. It’s always been on the table, but now we can expect a little more… push.

I was reading Talking Points Memo the other day and saw an ad for this anti-abortion outfit in the sidebar. Knowing that TPM gets paid for clicks, I took their survey, answering NO to every heavily biased question.

The response was the long screed about the sanctity of life, with no acknowledgment of my answers. Obviously, not a survey, but a preachable moment and more importantly, a fundraising gimmick. Well, he’s NOT preaching to the choir here, and I’m certainly NOT a member of this “committee.”

So first they symbolically demand that I have an unwanted baby, over my strongest objections, and then demand money from me – I can’t figure out whether I’ve been rhetorically raped, robbed, or prostituted.

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