Children of Earth Day Three

We’ve really, really been riveted by Torchwood’s 5 part miniseries this week. Today’s the day when the creepiness ramps up even more. Meanwhile, our surviving heroes have to start from scratch, because their cool underground lair got blowed up on Monday.

Torchwood: Children of Earth – BBC America

The Captain Jack Harkness character is immortal, and one thing I’d wondered about was what would happen if he was blown to smithereens. We found out on Day Two – this was one of those nagging questions that always bothered Highlander fans, too. Jack faces some of the same issues as a classic Highlander immortal character, too. We found out he has relatives, and has to deal with losing them as they age and die. Interesting.

Need to concentrate now, as the team does an inventory on how they save the world with pocket lint.

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