Floor Project From Hell V: The Stain in the Hall

Stained Quarter Round

David installed the white-painted shoe molding earlier this afternoon, and even got through the angsty moments trying to get the floor brackets for the closet doors re-installed. Now all that remains is the quarter-round. We’d had a bad time with the oak trim that came with the floor product (actually, it was quite expensive) as it was such dense, hard wood that no matter how we pre-drilled and pounded and used an electric nailer, we couldn’t get the nails to go in all the way. So we regrouped, bought plain pine and it’s now all cut and mitred to fit the room precisely, and as of right now it’s in the front hall with the first coat of stain on it. I’ll give it another hour and then put a second coat on it. It’ll dry overnight, then tomorrow night a coat of urethane (which we already have on hand) and Tuesday we should be installing it.

Once over the wittering we had to do over the floor bracket, David got his DIY mojo working and the baseboards are very neatly installed. He likes the power nailer, which certainly made the job a lot faster and easier. Soon I’ll be getting some bookshelves for the room, and will probably set up my laptop up there along with the lounge chair and reading lamp.

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