Wait wait! Don’t Tell Me: The Obama Years


This is my revamped desk setup: the keyboard is a flatter Dell one that fits in the slideout tray under the top. The Microsoft Natural one is too high to fit unless bad things happen to the underhang with a power tool. Note “Wait, Wait! Don’t Tell Me!” pledge swag mug to the right.

Oh boy! the WWDTM folks are in Boston, and their guest is Barney Franks. He got a huge welcome from his socialist-partisan fans. Aw, he’s telling a cute story about his boyfriend, Jimmy. And how it somehow relates to Bush, Palin, and Franks’ Secret Service nickname, “Sabretooth.” Which is totally cool, because one of MY names for myself is “SABRE2th Tigress!” Go me!!

Last week’s show (recorded before the election)was with John Hodgman, fresh from his guest blogger gig at Boing Boing. The Obama Years begin favorably.

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