Why I Say I’m Not From Utah Anymore

Boing Boing: Satan responsible for illegal immigration, says Utah delegate

Years ago, in fact immediately after leaving Utah for college in Oregon, I quickly learned to say "I was born in Colorado" when asked where I was from. It avoided conversations where I would have to try to explain the inexplicable about a state, and a state of mind. 


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2 thoughts on “Why I Say I’m Not From Utah Anymore

  1. Yeah … well, not always pleased about saying I’m from Colorado — though, in Colorado, saying I’m from California isn’t a good thing to say, either.

  2. I can’t claim Utah as home – it just happens to be where I have lived for the past 40 years. After going “home” to Colorado Springs this past weekend, I realized that Colorado isn’t really home either. I think moving to Idaho will be a wonderful experience and I can honestly say “Idaho is my home” and feel good about it.

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