Even Funnier

***Dave over at DDtB says this video hiliarious, but is even funnier if you have kids. 

YouTube – Voted Best Commercial in Europe

I respectfully beg to differ; it's even funnier if you don't. I can't watch it without going into a convulsive fit of laughing that brings on a coughing jag.

On a less "neener neener" note, it's refreshingly candid and aimed straight at the target market that most needs to get this message.   

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2 thoughts on “Even Funnier

  1. Okay, well, let’s say perhaps there’s possibly a different spin to the funny if you have kids. 🙂 I don’t know that it’s funnier, just funnier with varying life-experience echoes.

    I will say that Dude handles it with much more aplomb than I would (or than I have in far less provocative situations). Regardless, yes, the message is spot on, and I’d be perfectly happy having this a part of any responsible sex ed class.

  2. It’s universally funny. I think it would make a tremendous conversation starter in a sex ed class! Anytime you can get a room full of otherwise surly or disinterested teens laughing, you have a great opportunity for teaching and discussion.

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